Is Benadryl Safe For Your Dog?

For most people who grew up with a dog, memories of your parents warning and reminding you not to feed your pet table food are seared into your brain.

Sadly, too many people ignore these warnings, even though there are foods that are fit for human consumption but not ideal for the canine members of the family.

There are also times when your beloved pup becomes sick, and you might be tempted to treat your dog with human medications.

But just like food, medicines for humans are not necessarily effective and may even be dangerous to your pet pooch.

However, there are some medicines that can help both humans and canines alike, and one of these is Benadryl.

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7 Of The Best Dog Crates For Separation Anxiety

dog sitting on sofa best dog crates for anxiety

Your dog naturally wants you to be at your side all of the time, and this desire can cause separation anxiety.

A dog with separation anxiety may whine, bark, and salivate as you prepare to leave.

You may come home to destroyed furniture, broken door and window trim, scratched floors, and even urine and feces.

A dog crate, when used correctly, could reduce your dog’s stress.

When selecting an anti-anxiety dog crate, you’ll want to weigh several factors.

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