17 Stunning Dogs That Look Like German Shepherds

The German shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds today because of their high intelligence and loyalty.

These are loving dogs and great protectors of their owners, especially due to their larger and more muscular stature.

However, some people may want a dog that is slightly different from a German shepherd but with similar amazing traits.

If you love this breed, we have put together a list of dogs similar to German shepherds to help you on your quest for your new best friend. 

17 Dogs that Look Like German Shepherds

King Shepherd 

The King Shepherd is a perfect dog breed for future owners looking for a powerful, larger version of breeds that look like German Shepherds.

German Shepherds and Shiloh Shepherds are bred together to get this distinct breed. Here are a few things that make this dog great:

Fewer Health Issues- A purebred dog like a German Shepherd can often be prone to many health issues, but the genetic variation in crossbreeds can often lead to fewer issues. 
Less Aggressive- Don’t let their size fool you, these dogs are very loving, and are often less aggressive than their German counterparts.
Great with Kids- These dogs are incredibly loving and gentle towards children and are great family pets. 

Belgian Tervuren 

While considered a part of the Belgian Shepherd breed, some classify the Tervuren as a breed of its own.

Loving and cuddly, this might be your perfect pet. It has many wonderful traits:

Easy to Train- If you are looking for a well-behaved pet, the Tervuren is highly intelligent and easy to pick up good behaviors and tricks. 
Very Playful- A Tervuren is loads of fun and super energetic. This is a great breed for active and attentive pet owners. 
Longer Lifespan- While German Shepherds’ lifespan averages 7 years, a Tervuren can live up to 15. 

Byelorussian Shepherd

This German Shepherd look alike, also known as the East European Shepherd, looks just like its more popular friend.

While this breed is lesser-known, it is an amazing alternative with several great traits: 

Good as Work or Guard Dogs- These dogs have a bit of a tougher personality than a German Shepherd. While still good pets, they can also be great work or guard dogs. 
Coats for Cold Weather- If you live in freezing temperatures and are concerned about what type of dog to get, an East-European shepherd is a great option.

Berger Blanc Suisse

This white shepherd dog is one of the most beautiful cousins to the German Shepherd.

The Berger Blanc Suisse descends from White American Shepherds that were once imported to Switzerland. 

Great Family Pet- The Swiss White Shepherd is a very loving breed that is great with kids. They are known to be very gentle and super active. 
Loves Sporting – These pets often love to participate in dog sports or competitions. They are easy to train and have lots of energy. 
Protective but not Aggressive- These pets work so well for families, because they are very protective of their owners, especially children. However, they are rarely aggressive and are very unlikely to attack.

Dutch Shepherd

The Dutch Shepherd originally comes from the Netherlands, where it was a common breed for farmers that needed an adaptable dog. 

Emotional Intelligence- Dutch Shepherds can sense the emotions and moods of the household around them. They can be great comforts in times of need. 
Smaller- These dogs are a bit smaller than the German Shepherd and are great for those living in smaller homes.
Affectionate- This breed of a shepherd dog is just as affectionate and loving as the others. It would be a great companion for any loving future pet owner. 

Golden Shepherd 

This Golden Retriever and German Shepherd hybrid is a beautiful dog and a great pet.

While they are known to be quite the shedders, these dogs are more than worth a little extra clean up. 

Known for Good Health- The Golden Shepherd can live a healthy long life with a loving owner. Mixed breed dogs often live a longer life than the purebreds they come from.
Great as Service Dogs- If you have a disability, the Golden Shepherd can be an excellent choice for a service dog for many reasons. They can be very well trained and attentive to their owners and are highly intelligent. 

Bohemian Shepherd

Recognized by the FCI, the Bohemian Shepherd is a slightly smaller, long-haired look-alike of the German Shepherd.

Sleek and athletic, this breed is great for active pet owners. 

Athletic – This breed is great for competition and any dog sporting events, even doggy dancing! With good training, there’s nothing these dogs can’t be good at. 
Versatile and Quick Learners- The Bohemian Shepherd is talented at many things, and can be put in many different working roles, as well as sporting. 
Obedient – This trait is another reason why this breed would be a great pet. Once trained, your pup will listen to what you say and will not misbehave. 

Shiloh Shepherd 

This descendant of the Alaskan Malamute is a big, cuddly dog, and a great alternative to the German Shepherd.

If you like big dogs, but do not want an aggressive pet, the Shiloh is a perfect option. 

Great Therapy Dogs – This dog’s loving and loyal nature makes it perfect for therapy work. They would be a great companion for someone who loves a larger dog with a soft side. 
Working Dog – This breed is more versatile than the German Shepherd, and can be used as a working dog in a variety of situations ranging from being a service pet to a guard dog. 

American Alsatian

This is a very fascinating dog, as it was bred to resemble an extinct breed known as the dire wolf. Unlike some of the breeds listed, the Alsatian is a purebred.

It has many wonderful characteristics, bred to be calm and cooperative. 

Eye Catching – This dog is one of the most beautiful breeds, with stunning eyes and a luxurious coat. 
Gentle Giant – Just because a dog is big, doesn’t mean he or she can’t be sweet. They are great companions rather than work dogs. 
Loves to Explore- The American Alsatian loves to explore new things and try new activities. If you are an adventurous sort, you’ll love this breed. 

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This large sheepdog from Romania loves to guard and guide but is very rare outside of its home country.

If you are able to find this dog, you’ll be quite pleased with your reliable companion. 

Primarily Working Dogs- These are very independent dogs who are great at their jobs, especially guarding or leading a flock. 
Early Socialization is Important- If not properly socialized early on, these dogs can display shy or even aggressive behavior. However, with early social activity, they can be very patient, even with children

Northern Intuit

The Northern Inuit dog breed originated so that families could have a pet that looked like a wolf with the personality of a loving pup.

Fun fact: this breed was used on HBO’s Game of Thrones to represent the mystical dire wolf. 

Stubborn but Friendly – These dogs have big personalities and have strong wills, but they can be well trained and very loving.
Best for Experienced Dog Owners – If you’ve never owned a dog, you may want to keep looking at a few other breeds. However, if you have some experience, you will find yourself a great companion in the Northern Intuit. 


A member of the Belgian Shepherd family, the Laekenois breed loves their owners and can be very protective.

They have adorable pointy ears and a gorgeous coat. Here are a few things to know: 

Loyal and Protective – These dogs are most known for their loyalty and protectiveness. Their initial purpose was for stock herding but can make good working pets at many jobs. 
Need a Job – The Laekenois breed is definitely a working dog, requiring a purpose and direction for its energy. Without some sort of work, this breed can create quite the mess out of boredom. 

Panda Shepherd 

Unique and striking, the Panda Shepherd dog is a beautiful breed, known for its distinctive dark fur around its eyes as a result of genetic mutation. 

Highly Energetic – Panda Shepherds have lots of energy and love to work. To fully bloom, they do need to be socialized early on in order to get along well with other animals and children. 
Eager and Obedient – These pets can be super loving and attentive and are able to be trained with the right temperament. They need an owner that can be assertive in order to help the dog properly develop


Groenendaels are another type of Belgian shepherd. This breed is exceptionally beautiful, with a dark, silken coat and brown eyes.

They are herding dogs by nature, but they make great pets. 

Needs Lots of Exercise – As a herding dog, Groenendaels have lots of energy that needs to be expanded in order to be on their best behavior. 
Great for Experienced Owners – In order to be properly socialized, these dogs need an owner with a firm and steady attitude. 

Caucasian Shepherd 

This breed is known for protecting homes and livestock in the Caucasus Mountain Region.

They are bug dogs with lots of dominance, but they can be loyal and attentive pets. 

Alert Guardian – With the nature of a guard dog, this breed is best suited for a home with lots of room to protect. This could be a good work dog or pet. 
Highly Territorial but Loving – While this dog has a dominant demeanor, it is protective of its family and quite sweet. These are not the best dogs for first-time owners, but after some experience, owners find Caucasian Shepherds are wonderful companions. 

Small Dogs that Look like German Shepherds

If you love the beauty of the German Shepherd but have a hard time with larger pets or live in an apartment, we’ve found a couple of dog breeds for you.

These are smaller pups that have a similar look to larger shepherd dogs. 

Swedish Vallhund

This is a beautiful dog that looks like a German Shepherd but smaller. Also known as a Swedish cow dog, this breed is full of life and vivacious energy that has kept them popular.

While known for herding and driving cows, this dog could be an excellent pet for you. Swedish Vallhunds are stunning and timeless dogs with low stature, elongated body, and a beautiful coat. 

Miniature German Shepherd

You could also consider a Miniature German Shepherd, which is a crossbreed of a German Shepherd and another breed, often collies or poodles.

Although some think these tiny shepherd dogs are purebred, they are indeed another mixed breed dog. As a result, they can have longer lives than their parent breed.

A miniature German Shepherd is a no brainer choice for someone who loves German Shepherds but wants a smaller dog. It’s all in the name! 

Did you find dogs similar to a German shepherd that you like?

Whether you are an experienced owner or are looking for your first pet, there are so many options for amazing dogs that have the traits of a German Shepherd.

Many of these breeds are more gentle and loving and make great pets, while others are excellent for those needing a guard or service dog.

An adoption center in your area may have one of these breeds looking for a home, and you may find your new best friend. 

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