Golden Shepherd

The Beautiful And Loving Golden Shepherd

Seeking out a designer dog is a relatively new trend when it comes to looking for pets.

Designer dogs come from the deliberate breeding of purebreds with the goal of creating a hybrid that possesses the best qualities that can be found in both of their parents.

When it comes to a German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix, the hope is to create a dog that has the alertness, courage, and speed of a German Shepherd along with the retrieving abilities and gentle temperament of a Golden Retriever.

Here is an in-depth look at the Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix to help you determine if this might be the right dog for you.

What Is A Golden Shepherd?

The beautiful and loving Golden Shepherd is a smart and gentle dog that is generally an ideal family pet.

Bred from a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever, these dogs love to please their families and typically get along with everyone.

The German Shepherd was originally bred in the early 20th century by a German cavalry captain named Captain Max von Stephanitz, whose goal was to breed a superior herding dog.

The end result was a dog that was smart, quick, brave, and athletic.

The captain began using the German Shepherd in military and police work, working as a rescuer, guard, Red Cross dog, and supply carrier during World War I.

As people began to notice this dog’s abilities, they started to become increasingly popular.

German Shepherds today can be reserved, but they’re very loyal and dedicated to those they love.

They’re easygoing and affectionate, but if a German Shepherd feels there’s a threat present, he will become protective of himself and his family.

Golden Shepherd

They’re easy to train, extremely smart, and they are exceptional work dogs or family dogs.

However, because of their intelligence and need for activity, they can become destructive if they get bored.

Golden Retrievers were developed in the 19th century by Lord Tweedmouth who was an avid hunter and felt he needed a retriever more alert than setters and spaniels.

He also wanted a dog that would be a relaxed and loyal companion at home.

Golden Retrievers were recognized as a breed by the English KC in 1911 and were formally named the Golden Retriever in 1920.

Today, Golden Retrievers remain calm and gentle pets who love people. They’re eager to please and enjoy being a part of the fun.

Golden Retrievers are smart and trustworthy and enjoy being mentally stimulated.

These dogs prefer to not be alone for a long period of time and need a decent amount of physical exercise each day.

Golden Shepherd

A Golden Retriever and German Shepherd mix is simply a mix between these two purebred dogs.

This designer dog mix only dates back 30 or 40 years to the 1980s, which is when breeders first started to cross purebreds to produce an ideal dog.

Because of the American Kennel Club’s commitment to purebred dogs instead of mixed breeds, designer dogs like the Golden Shepherd doesn’t qualify to be a part of its coveted registry.

However, both parent dogs are long-time members.

What Does A Golden Shepherd Look Like?

Their bodies resemble those of a German Shepherd’s but their heads look more like a Golden Retriever.

Their ears tend to be short and droopy, but they perk up when the dog becomes excited.

They have long coats with a thick chest that can vary from soft to rough and from wavy to smooth.

Golden Shepherds are often black, off-white, golden, or white, and some may have a hint of blue.

How Big Will A Golden Shepherd Get?

This largely depends on how big the parents of the dog are.

However, these dogs are large, weighing up to 85 pounds and standing up to 26 inches tall.

In order for your German Shepherd to thrive while growing, it is important to feed him a proper diet.

Look for high quality, dry foods that are specifically made for larger dog breeds in your dog’s age group.

golden shepherd

You want to make sure the food you give your dog is rich in proteins and low in fillers like carbohydrates.

Fillers such as these will cause your dog to want to continue to eat until he is uncomfortably full, meaning he will constantly be hungry and looking for a snack.

Because the Golden Shepherd also has a tendency to become bloated, it is critical to his health that he isn’t fed a lot of food in one sitting or have constant access to a bowl of food.

To make sure that your dog grows properly and is able to reach his highest potential weight, give him two or three smaller meals throughout the day and make sure to keep up with your exercise routine.

Grooming Your Golden Shepherd

The Golden Shepherd mix originates from two breeds that both have thick, double-coats, which means these pups are likely to shed.

It is important to take the time to brush your Shepherd Retriever mix every day to help prevent excess shedding.

It’s not necessary to seek out professional grooming, and bathing should only occur when it is absolutely necessary.

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If your dog inherits the floppy Golden Retriever ears, it’s important to do a weekly inspection and cleaning to prevent infections — however, you don’t want to put anything deep into your dog’s ear.

A quick wipe with a cotton ball will clean away dirt and yeast infections that can accumulate if left untreated. If your dog is a swimmer, make sure his ears are completely dry after swimming because damp conditions may also lead to infections.

The Golden Shepherd’s nails must be clipped when they get long, but it’s important not to cut them too short.

Their teeth need regular brushing as well, at least three times a week.

How to Train A Golden Shepherd

The purpose of training is to teach your Golden Shepherd the appropriate ways to act both at home and when he is socializing.

This is important in order to prevent your dog from developing behavioral problems or to fix some misbehavior that he is currently displaying.

Because these dogs are intelligent, they are able to learn quickly and they are willing to obey commands, which makes training relatively easy.

Golden Shepherds need fewer repetitions than other dogs do to learn a command.

A critical part of training is to show your dog that you are a good leader.

If you create a trusting environment for your Golden Shepherd, he will be comfortable and follow your lead when it comes to temperament.

This means that if you are calm, your dog will be calm too.

These dogs do have mild temperaments, but they perform better when they understand your communication.

Because Golden Shepherds are intelligent, don’t stop your training at the basic commands of sit, stay, heel, drop, and come.

Add in additional commands that you believe would be helpful for your dog to know.

Your Golden Shepherd needs consistency in his training.

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This means that if you’re trying to train your dog to stay off of your furniture, you can’t come up with exceptions to that rule where you sometimes let your dog lie up on the couch with you for a while.

This will confuse your dog, and he won’t be clear on your rules.

Also, use positive reinforcement and don’t get upset with your dog if he makes a mistake.

Scolding your dog may lead him to mistrust you. Reward his good behavior with praise or treats to motivate him to continue his positive behaviors.

Also, because your Golden Shepherd will respond to many different stimuli, it is important to use calm and simple commands when training your dog as well as relaxed body language.

You will want to get his full attention in order for him to learn anything.

Training in your backyard is a great place to start because there are few distractions, and he will be in a familiar space with familiar smells.

Temperament of A Golden Shepherd

This energetic breed originates from two very intelligent breeds that are both devoted to their families.

Some Golden Shepherd puppies may favor one breed’s temperament over the other and some may be rather neutral between the two.

They love to have interaction with humans interaction, especially when they’re able to get outside and play.

Golden Shepherds are affectionate dogs that are likely to have separation anxiety if they are left alone for a long period of time.

This means that they often thrive with a family who has at least one person home during most of the day.

Golden Shepherd

Golden Shepherds are alert and protective, making them superior watchdogs.

They bark when they are alerted to any kind of intrusion on their property, but they will not unnecessarily bark and are typically calm when you’re having a normal day around the house.

These dogs are fun-loving and look forward to interactive playtime and any chance to burn off some energy with his humans.

Without sufficient physical activity, they may get bored and become destructive by chewing on furniture or digging in house plants.

It’s also important for Golden Shepherds to get a lot of exercise because they have a tendency to become overweight quickly if they live a sedentary life, which can cause health issues with their hip and elbow joints when they get older.

Some of their favorite activities are retrieving a ball, swimming, and playing Frisbee.

How Much Is A Golden Shepherd?

On average, Golden Shepherd puppies cost between $200 and $500.

You will need to pay for some initial health checks, spaying or neutering, a collar, leash, and crate, and a microchip (if desired).

If you find a Golden Shepherd for under $200, you should beware of possible maltreatment or improper caretaking of either the puppy or his parents.

The typical medical expenses per year for these pups run between $485 and $600, and the average annual non-medical expenses (such as food, grooming, a dog license, toys, and treats) are between $920 and $1050.

Where to Buy A Golden Shepherd

You can look for Golden Shepherds locally by getting involved in the dog breeding community to find someone who breeds this specific mix.

If there is no one close to where you live, begin a search online for Golden Shepherds to see how far away the closest breeder is.

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You want to make sure you get your Golden Shepherd from a reputable breeder who treats the parent dogs and the puppies properly.

You want a dog that hasn’t grown up in a traumatic environment, as this could make your dog aggressive or difficult to train.

Because these dogs are sought-after, you will not likely find one at a local pound, but it is always worth a try to see if there is one that is waiting for his new forever home.

Is this the breed for you?

The beautiful and loving Golden Shepherd makes for an ideal family dog that will be affectionate and protective at the same time.

Although they do require quite a bit of grooming maintenance, they are beautiful dogs that are worth the little bit of extra effort to take care of.

These dogs are happy in most climates, although they should be watched carefully if they are exposed to extreme heat.

Make sure your Golden Shepherd is hydrated throughout the day, especially if you live in warmer climates.

Make sure to adopt one of these special dogs from someone who has a good reputation for taking great care of the dogs that they raise so you can be sure that you are getting a healthy and happy dog that will be ready to jump in and be an important part of your family.

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