All About the Great Dane Pitbull Mix

The Great Dane Pitbull is a hybrid mix of the Great Dane and Pitbull, which exhibits both the massiveness and powerful appearance of the two parent dogs.

At the same time, the breed inherits the alertness, intelligence, and sweet temperament of the two breeds.

LearnĀ All About the Great Dane Pitbull Mix


Dogs of Great Dane Pitbull mix vary in appearance and may either look like a Pitbull or a Great Dane.

In general, canines in this breed are heavy-set, with long and lean physiques. Their body structures are usually more reminiscent to that of a Great Dane with lesser muscle mass compared to a purebred Pitbull.

At their peak, they can weigh from sixty to a hundred and fifty pounds and grow to around thirty inches in height.

white with brown coat great dane pitbull mix

Credit: American Bully Daily

Most Great Dane Pitbulls countenances are squarish, which can be attributed to the shape of the muzzle coupled with the wide nostrils. Their ears are small and low-set which is closely similar to that of the Pitbull parent.

The breed has a short and smooth coat with fur colors which can be pure and vary from black, brown, cream, gray, white, fawn, or golden. Other dogs of this mix might also display a main coat color with streaks or splotches of other colors, which can be closely described as either brindle or merle.

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Even with their large body, it can be quite a delight to watch a Great Dane Pitbull breed walk. They have a refined and graceful gait, all thanks to their long and lean legs.

Temperament and Behavior

With its ferocious appearance, you will be surprised and amazed to know that Great Dane Pitbulls are actually known for their affectionate, loving, and gentle dispositions. In the dog-breeding community, this breed has the reputation of being clingy, attention-seekers, so you can expect lots of cuddle sessions with your canine friend.

This breed is highly sociable, especially when trained at a young age. They are great around children and other pets, although it is always advisable to give time for a proper introduction. The same idea goes with strangers or guests in your home, as your dog might be a bit cautious at first.

They will bark at other people or pets to get your attention, but once they warm up, their friendly nature will surface.

Training and Exercise Needs

Coming from a mix of two highly intelligent canine breeds, you will be happy to know that the Great Dane Pitbull is very receptive to training. Consistency, discipline, and the ability to assert your dominance as the leader of the pack should be in your arsenal when you are training this breed. Pitbulls are known for being responsive to leaders with strong characters, which your mix-breed pet will most likely exhibit.

Great Dane Pitbulls have high levels of energy and can easily get wearied when they are left alone.

Always find time to engage your pet in daily exercises composed of running, jogging, long walks, and outdoor playtime, to help them manage their excess vigor.