The Sprightly, Charming Miniature Husky

miniature husky

Believe it or not, the Miniature Husky isn’t a pup.

Instead, he’s a miniaturized version of the Siberian Husky, one of the world’s most famous sled dogs.

And that’s not the only interesting thing about him.

Though he’s nowhere near as imposing as his larger cousin, the Mini Husky is a fun pooch in his own right.

Some people confuse the mini husky with an Alaskan Klee Kai, but they aren’t the same — so it’s good to know the differences between the two.

Also, you want to be careful about who you buy him from.

If you want to know why and are itching to know more about the Miniature Siberian Husky, read on.

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Afghan Hound: Everything You Need to Know About this Dog

There is an air of regalness that surrounds an Afghan.

They seem to know that something good is coming their way. The people who owned these Afghanistan exports swear they are the most faithful dogs.

And other people say they are just too darn finicky for their own good. So this breed is for special people who don’t mind being upstaged by their dogs when they are in public.

The Afghan breed checks all the right boxes in terms of getting along with other pets and being great with kids.

Training can be tedious because the breed is so independent. Afghans are not afraid to spend time alone, unlike other breeds.

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American Bulldog Breed: Everything You Need To Know About This Dog

american bulldog FI

A good example of a dog breed that has the confidence, social grace, and emotional personality to bond with their owners, even when the owner is less than attentive at times, is the American Bulldog.

A well-trained American Bulldog that has interaction with other dogs and other people can be a great pet as well, as a strong and determined protector.

This gentle, alert, and affectionate dog can be a big lap dog, as well as a brave and energetic hero when a Bulldog owner needs help.

American Bulldogs are part of the Guard Dog Group because of their personality traits, their 60 to 130-pound weight and their 24 to 28-inch height.

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The Lean and Beautiful Border Collie Husky Mix

border collie husky mix

Border Collies? Great.

Siberian Huskies? Also great.

Why not mix the two?

That must’ve been the thought process of whoever created the Border Collie Husky.

Indeed, the Husky Border Collie Mix makes a beautiful, loyal and enthusiastic pet for the right owner.

If you’re the right owner for him (or you think you are), here’s everything you need to know about the Border Collie Husky Mix.

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All You Want to Know About The Cairn Terrier Dog

cairn terrier FI

The Cairn Terrier may be a small breed of dog, but they are an active part of the family.

While they love to play, they are also smart and independent. Their foxy expression is extra lovable and their tough, weather-resistant coat can be a wide range of colors. This dog just may be the right breed for your family.

This dog is bright-eyed and always up for a good adventure.

The Cairn Terrier was originally bred in Scotland to dig into rocky areas to search for vermin.

Now, this breed is only a family pet and human companion.

If you are looking for a calm dog to stay in your lap, this might not be the right breed for you. Instead, Cairn Terriers are eager to go for long walks, play, and chase squirrels.

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The Brave, Brainy, and Adorable Corgi Husky Mix

Corgi Husky Mix

The Corgi Husky mix, also known as a Corgski, Horgi, or Siborgi, is a hybrid dog that is often as being one of the cutest dog breeds around.

This mixed breed combines the most positive traits of a Siberian Husky and a Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Corgskis often have a mischievous and gregarious personality, and they’re eager to please their families.

They are friendly “social butterflies” who can easily adapt to extreme weather conditions and can even thrive in smaller living environments.

In this article, we will dig deep into the characteristics and personality of the Corgski, which will help you better determine if this is the right dog for you.

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Shiba Inu: Everything You Need To Know About This Dog

shiba inu FI

If you know of the Shiba Inu, chances are you know of the “Doge” meme.

If not the “Doge” meme, cute YouTube videos might’ve been your introduction to the Shiba.

However you found out about the breed, one thing’s for sure: The Shiba is one of the most interesting dog breeds in the world. Before you buy one of these beautiful and spirited pooches, read on.

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Everything You Want to Know About the French Bulldog

If you don’t think bat ears and flat faces are adorable, the French Bulldog might just change your mind.

Also known as “Frenchies,” French Bulldogs are proof that you don’t have to be a conventional beauty to stand out.

All you need is a fun personality, a somewhat independent streak, and a genuine love of people — just like the pooch we’re about to discuss below.

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The Poodle: Miniature, Standard, And Toy Sizes

poodle FI

The poodle may look like a prissy pooch, but we assure you it’s anything but.

Whether standard, miniature or toy-sized, the poodle is a bundle of talent, energy, and personality wrapped in a fluffy package.

Although they’re mainstays at dog shows, poodles can also be found hunting waterfowl, performing agility feats, and warming the hearts of celebrities.

Should you want this dog around, here’s a quick overview of all three poodle types.

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