The Loving Pitbull Husky Mix Or Pitsky

From puppies to matured adults, the Pitbull Husky mix is a popular dog breed among pet owners.

Also known as the Pitsky, this cross between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Husky has been recently recognized by the American Kennel Club as being its own breed rather than just being a hybrid of his parents.

Not only are these dogs beautiful, but also they have the characteristics of a great canine companion.

Let’s look at the Pitsky breed in detail to help you determine if this might be the right dog for your family. Knowing this dog’s ancestry will help you gain an understanding of its history and possible personality.

What Is Pitbull Husky Mix?

Pitskies are a cross between the American Pitbull and either a Siberian or an Alaskan Husky. Because they have been around for longer than other hybrid breeds, a Pitsky’s parents may be Pitskies themselves, making a new puppy a 2nd generation Pitsky.

However, if one parent is a Husky and the other is a Pitbull, then you still have a first generation litter of Pitsky puppies.

Because the Pitskies inherit the characteristics of both of their parents, it is important to get to know the personality traits of both Pitbulls and Huskies so you can fully understand what your pit husky mix represents.

While Huskies were once pulling sleds throughout Alaska and Siberia, they are now near the top of the list of the most popular pet dog breeds.

Huskies were originally bred as working dogs by nomadic hunters who needed powerful dogs with high endurance to pull their sleds. Huskies were also trusted to live in close vicinities with their families, including small children. Huskies crave human contact and are devoted to those who take care of them.

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Pitbulls are often associated with fighting or biting, but, if you look at Pitbull dog facts, you will find that isn’t necessarily true. They are actually very loving dogs and can be exceptional pets.

A Pitbull is fiercely protective of its family if it senses danger but is extremely obedient if trained properly. So this protective instinct will not necessarily remain throughout the dog’s life.

This type of dog was created in the 19th century by breeding English terriers with English bulldogs which were both popular breeds at the time. The intended purpose was to create a strong and versatile hybrid with the power of a bulldog and the enthusiasm of a terrier. These dogs are the ancestors of the modern Pitbull.

Like most other hybrid dogs, Pitskies embody the best traits of both of their parents, leading to a dog who is loyal, gentle with children, smart, strong, and full of stamina.

Due to their high energy, they can be a great motivating factor for their owners to also get outside and get some exercise together.

What Does A Husky Pitbull Mix Look Like?

Pitbull Husky MixHusky mixes, such as the Pitsky, can end up on either end of the spectrum when it comes to looking like either parent.

The Pitsky is a medium to large dog that can look more like a Pitbull or more like a Husky, depending on his heritage.

Normally, a Pitbull and Husky mix dog has pointy, erect ears and a wide head. His eyes are almond-shaped, and he usually has a long muzzle.

His short body is also compact, making him very sturdy. The Pitsky’s coat can resemble either a Husky’s or a Pitbull’s, meaning it can be either long and woolen or smooth and short.

The Pitsky will grow to be around 35 to 65 pounds and is typically strong and muscular.

The appearance of the Pitsky can differ depending on its ancestry, but they are commonly darker shades. You can expect your Pitsky to grow to be up to 24 inches tall.

Now that you know about the history and appearance of this hybrid breed, let’s look further into its personality traits and characteristics.

All About The Pitbull Husky Mix

The Pitsky Temperament

This Pitbull mix is an active dog with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. He needs at least two hours of exercise every day and prefers activities such as chasing toys, going for runs, and going on hikes.

In addition to requiring physical activity, the Pitbull Husky mix needs mental stimulation to prevent him from becoming bored, aggressive, and moody.

Because these dogs have so much energy, they are not well-suited to live in an apartment or a crowded city. They need a home in which they can run around outside and have ample space inside to get out their energy during the day. If given a small living space, the Pitsky will likely become destructive.

This is a dog that wants to be protective of his family, so he will be a good watch dog. However, it’s important to teach him that most people or animals who enter your personal space aren’t there to do harm.

How To Train A Husky Pit Mix

Because the Pitsky is an incredibly smart dog, he can learn and adapt to new circumstances quickly. However, he is also a pack dog, so owners must establish their authority with their dog and make it clear who is the pack leader.

When training a Pitsky, it is of utmost importance to be confident and firm when issuing commands. He is eager to please his owner, which makes positive reinforcement techniques effective.

Some common methods used with Pitskies for positive reinforcement are treats, praise, and rewards. Consistency is key in training, and the earlier you are able to start your training and socialization, the better chance you will have at shaping him into a well-behaved adult.

Because these dogs can suffer from separation anxiety, it is important to teach them at a young age that they will be alright when you leave the house for a few hours. This will help reduce the chances of your dog becoming anxious when he is alone and possibly becoming destructive in the house.

Socializing your Pitsky is also important so you can teach him the importance of remaining calm around other people and animals.

Remember that this breed will not hesitate to chase the little creatures that he sees, like rodents, neighborhood cats, and even other dogs. By socializing them at a young age, you will teach them to realize that other creatures are allowed to be in their space, and they’re not meant to be chased or attacked.

How To Groom A Husky Pitbull

The Pitsky is not an ideal dog for those who have allergies or prefer to not have to vacuum dog hair.

Because he is a moderate to heavy shedder, daily brushing and vacuuming will need to be done. Brushing your dog will help you reduce his shedding as much as possible.

When brushing your dog, use a solid bristle brush, which will help your dog maintain his silky and soft coat.

Your Pitsky will need to be bathed as needed, using a gentle shampoo that is manufactured for dogs. You also want to brush his teeth at least every other day to ensure that you maintain his dental hygiene.

Gently wipe his ears with a dog ear-cleaning solution every week to help prevent ear infections and to remove any dirt that may have accumulated.

Finally, keep an eye on his nails to make sure they don’t get too long. They will require regular trimming, so monitor their growth to prevent them from getting too long between trims.

Pitbull Husky Mix

What Are The Health Problems of A Pitbull Husky Mix?

When you are looking for a Pitsky, make sure you do your research in order to find the right breeder. Ask your breeder questions about the parents to make sure you are getting a dog that has healthy relatives.

The parents of a Pitsky are at risk for developing cardiovascular disease, hypothyroidism, allergies, vision issues, and hip dysplasia. This means that Pitbull Husky mixes are prone to inherit these health issues as well, so it is best if you can be on the look out for them.

The main health concern to be aware of is the possibility of hypothyroidism, as that is likely the most common disease among these dogs. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include wheezing and breathing problems.

In order to keep this breed healthy, they need the right amount of protein and calories to help them maintain their active lifestyle.

It is important to calculate how many calories your Pitsky needs each day, which will depend on his weight. For example, if your dog is 40 pounds, he will only need about 1,000 per day, but this will increase as the weight of the dog increases.

To keep their skin and coat healthy and to support proper brain and eye development, make sure to feed your dog a diet that is high in quality omega-3 proteins.

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To reduce the chances of your Pitsky developing stomach problems, it is best to continue to use the same dog food that your breeder used.

A typical Husky lifespan is 12-15 years, but the lifespan of a Pitbull has a much wider range of 8-16 years. On average, a Pitsky will live for about 15 years if they are treated well.

How Much Is A Pitbull Husky?

A Pitbull Husky mix puppy can cost anywhere from $150 to $2000. This wide range of price has several influencing factors, including the age, health, and appearance of the dog. It also makes a difference where the breeder is located in the country.

pitbull husky mix

Medical costs for one year of flea prevention, vet checkups, and shots will be between $485 and $600. Other annual costs including food, treats, toys, training, and a dog license may add up to about $600.

Make sure to proceed with caution before buying a puppy that seems to be too good for the price, as he likely either has health issues or he has not been treated well.

Where To Buy Pitbull Husky Mix Puppies

If you want to buy a Pitbull Husky mix puppy, you can either find a reputable breeder or wait for one to come up at a rescue center. You might also check Pitbull Husky mix forums and Facebook groups.

Both of these options are great places to purchase Pitskies, but it’s always important to have access to the puppies’ health history and relevant papers so you can make sure that they are healthy and a legitimate hybrid.

Is this the breed for you?

This energetic dog is best suited for families who can keep up with his constant need for activity. This brave and friendly dog will love you unconditionally and can be a great friend for kids who want a companion.

However, because these dogs can be very protective, and often feel like they need to defend their owner, it’s important to socialize your puppy at a young age to make sure they get used to being around children and other pets.

These dogs can thrive in either warm or cold climates, and as long as they have the room and freedom to run around and play, they will be happy.

This might be the right dog for you if you love to get outside and be active and you have the time to devote to meeting the needs of this dog during the day.