The Adorable Pomsky Mixed Breed

The Pomsky, a mix between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian, is relatively new when it comes to designer dog breeds, but it’s easy to see why they have gained so much popularity.

No matter which parent a Pomsky takes after, he is bound to be charming and look like a dog that you always dreamed of owning.

If you are interested in adding a Husky Pomeranian or Pomsky to your family (which is often misspelled as “Pomski”), this article is a good place to start. Here, we will take a detailed look at this popular hybrid and the characteristics and personality that it may have.

What is a Pomsky?

To understand this breed, you need to take a look at the origins of his parent breeds. The genes that a Husky Pomeranian inherits from his parents help determine his appearance, temperament, health concerns, and more.

Pomeranians are the mini versions of a German Spitz. They were named after a region called Pomerania, which is a part of Poland and Germany, however, they did not originate in Pomerania.

While its place of origin isn’t completely known, it is known that these dogs gained their popular status in the United Kingdom in the 1700s when Queen Charlotte obtained two of them, and later, Queen Victoria started a breeding kennel for these dogs.

Pomeranians are alert and intelligent and don’t recognize their small stature as a weakness when being challenged.

The Siberian Husky originated in northeastern Asia as an endurance sled dog. They came to the United States on an appearance tour after winning several sledding races in other countries and proved their superiority over the local dogs.


The New England drivers earned Siberian Huskies’ AKC recognition in 1930. These dogs are known for their speed, strength, and endurance.

The Pomeranian and Husky mix is a hybrid that can only be created by artificially inseminating a female husky with the sperm of a male Pomeranian. Because of the difference in size, the mating of these two dogs cannot naturally happen.

Also, because Huskies are much larger than Pomeranians, it would put the health of a female Pomeranian at risk if she were to become pregnant with a dog that was part Husky. Because of this, a Pomsky’s mother is always of Husky descent.

What Does A Pomsky Dog Look Like?

Husky Pomeranian puppies look like very small, fluffy wolves, which is a unique appearance that is commonly loved by people worldwide. This hybrid dog is a recent addition to the world of designer dogs, and like other mixed breeds, his appearance can have many variations.

In fact, people who breed Pomskies are still working on creating the ideal look for the breed’s standard. But most people who love these dogs lean towards an appearance that resembles more of a Husky than a Pomeranian but is smaller in size than your average Husky.

However, there is always a chance that there will be more Husky in one dog and more Pomeranian in another while still being from the same litter, so it is hard to say what any Husky Pomeranian will look like in adulthood.

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The Husky markings will usually be seen in this hybrid, but they will vary depending on the parents. Some popular color combinations include off-white, black, blue, tan, red, and brown.

These puppies have a dense coat, but their Husky heritage makes their hair shorter than a Pomeranian’s hair. When you are looking at puppies of this mixed breed, feel them to make sure their coat is soft and fluffy.

Their ears usually stand straight up and you should not notice any sores on their feet or under their legs. Healthy Pomeranian Husky puppies have light eyes and a strong bark. Their teeth are white and their nose should be moist but not dry or wet.

All About The Adorable Pomsky

How Big Is a Pomsky Full Grown?

A Pomsky adult can weigh anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds, however, there are some exceptions. “Toy Pomskies” will only weigh up to 9 pounds, and “mini Pomskies” will weigh 9 to 18 pounds as adults.

Husky Pomeranian Mix Temperament

The Pomsky’s temperament will vary depending on each of his parent’s genes and what your particular dog inherits, but they are considered to be very intelligent dogs that are both loving and playful. Often, these dogs inherit the positive traits from both of their parents.

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Naturally, there are certain personality traits that are not ideal that these dogs can inherit as well. For example, Huskies are often loud and talkative and Pomeranians tend to bark. This mix can result in a puppy that is yappy, which may be a deal-breaker for some people.

Due to their intelligence, these dogs learn commands easily if you take proper care of them during training.

This hybrid usually inherits the Huskey’s energy, meaning that it will require a lot of exercise and play. When he becomes bored, he can start to show some bad behaviors such as chewing on objects around the house and damaging your possessions.

You will also notice the loving and protective nature from his Pomeranian parent. With proper training, you can prevent this dog from trying to assert his dominance over other people or animals in the family.

How To Train A Husky Pomeranian Mix

Pomskies are very intelligent and, like other dogs, respond well to training that is based on a reward system.

Your hybrid may inherit the stubborn traits of a Pomeranian and the willfulness of a Husky, so he should be handled with calmness and assertion.

With weak training, your dog may start to display small dog syndrome, which includes jumping, growling, tugging, yapping, and other behavioral issues.

Additionally, Pomskies have innate resource-guarding tendencies, so it is best to catch any early signs of these behaviors so you can stop them before they become an ingrained habit.

If you are a new dog owner, it’s best to start with basic commands while you’re training these dogs, such as potty training and properly walking on a leash.

Training a puppy takes patience, but it’s best to train your dog while he is still young so he doesn’t develop bad habits. If you don’t show your dog dominance, he will start to act like the top dog in the house.

How To Groom Pomskies

Grooming your dog helps you build trust with him and allows you to regularly check for any health concerns that may come up. Use a bristle brush to brush your dog about once a week. Because these dogs have short hair, they will not shed as much as others.

Give your dog a bath every 1-3 months. This will help reduce any possible shedding by eliminating the detached hair from his body. During the bath, you can also clip your dog’s hair to help avoid matting and tangles. Make sure to clip around their tails, ears, and paws in order to do a complete job.

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Be careful when cutting your dog’s nails every month. This can be uncomfortable for the dog if you cut them too short, so start small and just clip the ends off of the nails until you get used to the nail-cutting process. Angle the clippers appropriately and make sure that you are using sharp clippers so they can get through the nail quickly.

Wipe down your dog’s eyes and ears each week to prevent infections and to clean out any dried debris that may have collected in their corner of his eye. Also, make sure to brush his teeth on a regular basis to help avoid excessive vet visits.

What Are The Health Problems of a Pomsky?

While there have been no common chronic health issues related to this dog, both of their parents have an extensive list of possible health problems.

Pomeranians often develop heart problems, thyroid problems, Cushing’s disease, seizures, liver shunts, hypoglycemia, and epilepsy. Huskies can also suffer from epilepsy, in addition to skin conditions, hypothyroidism, skin disease, and hip dysplasia. Any of these health conditions from the parents can be passed onto their offspring.

If you combine the two lifespans of the parent breeds, you will see that the lifespan Husky Pomeranian dogs typically live ranges from 12 to 14 years for a healthy dog. If your Husky Pomeranian is at risk of or develops certain health conditions, his lifespan may be decreased.

What Is a Pomsky Price?

As mentioned above, this mixed breed requires unique breeding techniques. Because of this, it’s safe to assume that the supply is less than the demand for these dogs. The starting price for this highly sought-after breed is $2,617.

However, if you see a price that is much higher than that, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be getting a puppy who is well-behaved or physically healthy. You also won’t be able to know if your puppy will grow up to look like his mother. What he looks and acts like as an adult will depend on which traits of each parent will be dominant once the dog is at an adult age.

This means that your Pomsky’s cost isn’t simply paying for a cute appearance. The money that you spend goes more toward the unique qualities that you can’t find in other dogs.


You may spend your money today on a dog that is the size of a typical Pomeranian, but a year later, he is big and tall, more closely representing a Husky.

Aside from the initial price for this dog, you also have to be prepared for the annual costs of having a dog in your household.

The American Kennel Club estimates that on average, the annual cost for a medium-sized dog starts at $2,889. This number will go down to $2,000 for the following years if you don’t take vet bills into account.

During the first year of buying a Pomeranian Husky mix, you will likely spend $650 in vet bills, $400 in vaccines, and $400 on accessories and toys.

Where To Buy Husky Pomeranian Puppies

Pomskies can only be found from a reputable dog breeder. There were 58 registered local puppy breeders for Pomeranians and Huskies in the US as of January 2017, which is expected to grow in the coming years as breeders start to take advantage of the lucrative opportunity to breed these dogs.

It can be hard to find a reputable breeder because there are a lot of tech-savvy scammers. To determine you’re working with a good breeder, there are a few red flags to look for.

First, does the breeder sell a lot of different dog breeds? If they sell hundreds of dogs per year, it means they are not able to properly care for these dogs in their youth. You also want to be wary of “deals” such as a company offering free nationwide shipping or prices that are much cheaper than the industry’s standard.

You want to work with a breeder who is able to talk extensively about the Pomskies that they breed and have vet care records that they can show you. You also want to feel welcome to visit the dogs to inspect their living conditions and health issues.

If you see a Pomsky dog for sale, make sure that the price matches what you believe you are getting in the dog, considering the research you have done on this hybrid. If it seems off, the dog probably isn’t exactly as it is advertised.

Is this the breed for you?

If you add this mixed breed to your family, you want to make sure that you give him ample amounts of exercise, play, and attention so he can focus his energy somewhere positive.

He will be a loving companion for you for many years and he will protect you and your family from any imminent danger by alerting you of its presence.

Before buying a Husky Pomeranian, ask the breeder a lot of questions regarding his health and the health of his parents. This way, you will know a little more about what to expect out of your new companion.

Owning a Husky Pomeranian may test your patience at times, but it will also give you a loving companion who will be loyal to you for life.