The Show-Stopping Australian Shepherd Husky Mix

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix

He is one dog you can’t look away from.

Bold like the Aussie and beautiful like the Husky, the Aussie Husky doesn’t have to try to be captivating. He just is.

If you’re itching to buy this dog for yourself, check out our handy guide to the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix.  

All About The Australian Shepherd Husky Mix

What Is an Australian Shepherd Husky Mix?

The Australian Shepherd Husky Mix has many other names: Aussie Husky, Aussie Siberian, and Aussie Husky Shepherd.  

As his name implies, he’s the hybrid of the Australian Shepherd and Siberian Husky. 

The Aussie Husky is a designer dog, meaning he’s a mix of two different purebreds. In his case, one parent is 100 percent Aussie, while the other is 100 percent Husky. If there’s anything else mixed in there, he’d be more “mutt” than “designer breed.”

Since both his parents are working breeds, the Husky Shepherd isn’t the type to roll over and stay put. He gets moving whenever he wants, however he wants — whether his owner likes it or not.

He’s not a dog for couch potatoes, people who live in cramped spaces, and people who can’t give him their full attention.

If none of the above sounds like you, here’s what you need to know about the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix

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